Best Cricket Academies in India

Best Cricket Academies In India

There is no question that cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. Every year, thousands of aspiring cricketers compete for a spot in one of the country’s elite cricket academies. These academies provide aspiring cricketers with an opportunity to hone their skills and pursue a career in professional cricket. If you are an aspiring cricketer, it is important to do your research before selecting an academy.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best cricket academies in India. We will also provide you with some tips on how to select the right academy for you. So, if you are interested in learning more about India’s top cricket academies, keep reading!

First of all, you need to know important factors while choosing a cricket academy for your dream of becoming a cricketer, Understand what facilities & infrastructure you should look for while selecting a cricket academy.


What facilities Should a Cricket Academy have?

You should look for the following facilities while choosing a cricket academy as these facilities will help you to get the best training.

  • Experienced coaches who have played at the highest level of cricket can share their knowledge and expertise with aspiring cricketers. A good coach can make a world of difference to your game.
  • A wide range of cricket training equipment such as nets, bowling machines, and turf wickets.
  • A well-maintained cricket ground where matches can be played.
  • Video analysis equipment so that players can get feedback on their performance.
  • A gymnasium or a fitness centre so that players can work on their fitness levels A physiotherapy centre to help cricketers stay fit and injury-free.
  • Accommodation for outstation Students
  • A canteen or food court where healthy meals can be eaten to fuel the body for training sessions and matches.
  • First Aid & medicare facilities to ensure the safety of players.


List of the best cricket academies in India

Here is the list of Some of the best cricket academies in India which provide good facilities and Infrastructure for cricket training.


Sehwag Cricket Academy, Jhajjar, Haryana

Sehwag Cricket Academy is one of the best cricket academies in India.

It was founded by former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag. The academy has world-class facilities and The academy also has a huge 23-acre cricket ground, which is one of the biggest in India.

There is no age restriction in this academy, so any age group of aspiring cricketers can join this academy.

You will find a team of experienced and qualified coaches who help the students in every way possible to improve their game.

Sehwag Cricket Academy has many features that are worth looking into. From conducting regular match analysis and other techniques to analyze the skills, talents, or potentials of players.

They also arrange visits by Virender Sehwag as well, international cricketers like him can help with your development process.

The holistic programs offered by this academy provide an excellent venue for aspiring bowlers because it focuses primarily on physical training combined seamlessly together with indoor swimming pools which will help in the development of your stamina and reflexes.

You also get the opportunity to interact with the national and international level player.

The academy charges a one-time registration fee of Rs. 500 which includes uniforms as well.

There is a coaching fee of Rs. 3000 per month, Qtrly fee is Rs. 13000, the Half-yearly fee is Rs. 20000 and the Yearly Fee is RS. 27000. The fees include coaching, ground usage, gym usage, and other facilities.


National Cricket Academy, Bangalore

The National Cricket Academy was established in 2000 and is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

It is certainly one of the best cricket academies in India. It is run by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). It was established for the training of aspiring cricketers who have been identified as having the potential to play for India.

The facilities at the National Cricket Academy are excellent. The academy has world-class facilities like a cricket ground with 18 turfs & cemented practice pitches, indoor and outdoor nets, and a gymnasium with the best equipment.

The National Cricket Academy has a team of experienced and qualified coaches who help the students improve their game.

NCA has strict criteria for player selection. Junior selectors from your zone pick the best junior players they can find to join their academy, and then senior domestic circuits decide who gets seats in these facilities based on performance there as well.


Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore

The Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) in Bangalore is one of the premier cricket academies in India.

Academy director and full-time coach Mr. Irfan Sait has over two decades of experience and has completed the Level I, II, and III cricket coaching courses each from a different country.

KIOC is one of the very few cricket academies which has six bowling machines in their facility. 20full covered nets with cement, turf, and coir wickets. Quintic video analysis software and digital equipment. Speed check the radar and also has a facility for coaching after sunset with the help of floodlights.

It is the only cricket centre in India that operates 365 days & 15 hours a day. They also provide transport and hostel facility for overseas and outstation trainees

KIOC Fee starts from Rs. 15000 Monthly for one session per day. You can opt for Rs. 30000 per year for all Saturday & Sunday classes for a whole year. You can join Full day coaching program as well for one year is Rs. 95000.


Madan Lal Cricket Academy, Delhi

The Madan Lal Cricket Academy is headed by Mr. Madan Lal, who is a former Indian cricketer and has represented the country in both Tests and ODIs.

The facilities at the academy include four turf wickets, three cement wickets, two bowling machines, and video analysis sessions.

The academy has a total strength of 60 boys, and the coaching staff includes Mr. Madan Lal himself, along with other experienced coaches like Andrew Dawson, Blake Moore & others.

The cost of attending the academy is approx Rs. 40000 per year. Many students of the academy have represented their state at junior level as well as first-class level.


Vengsarkar Cricket Academy, Mumbai

Vegsarkar cricket academy is one of the leading cricket academies in India. It is run and managed by former Indian cricket captain Dilip Vegsarkar.

It is located in Mumbai. The academy provides the best facilities and well-trained coaches to produce good cricketers. It has produced many Ranji players over the years.

The academy also has a number of international players who have trained here. The academy has been in the news recently for producing Yashasvi Jaiswal, who was the man of the series in the U19 World cup 2020.

To get coaching in this academy you need to pay approx Rs. 30000 per year.


L. B. Shastri Cricket Academy, Delhi

L. B. Shastri Cricket Academy is one of the most prestigious cricket academies in India.

The academy head coach, Mr. Sanjay Bhardwaj, is known for his focus on improving the game of the concerned player, not just preparing them for state-level matches.

Many big players were produced by this academy including Gautam Gambhir and Amit Mishra.

Academy has very good infrastructure & facilities for cricket coaching. it has also a tennis court & basketball court along with a huge cricket ground and a football ground as well.

The cost of the academy is very affordable as you need to pay only Rs. 500/ Month for group coaching and Rs. 5000/Month for individual coaching.


VB Cricket Academy, Chennai

VB Cricket Academy is run by former Indian cricketer V.B. Chandrakishan, who has also served as the coach of the Tamil Nadu cricket team.

The academy is based in Chennai and has been in operation for over 25 years now.

The facilities at the academy include a full-size cricket ground, four cement wickets, two turf wickets, bowling machines, and a video analysis room. it has also a physical training centre.

Students are grouped by age for better training like under 10, under 14, and under 19 categories. The cost for training in the academy is approx Rs. 1200 per month.


Jaipuria Cricket Academy, Jaipur

The Jaipuria Cricket Academy is one of the best cricket academies in Jaipur, India. Established by The Academy is guided by an expert team that includes former captain and Ranji player Mr. Rohit Jhalani, & Vineet Saxena (player) as well other coaches, physiotherapists, fitness experts, behavioural specialists & experienced ground staff, etc

In order for students at the academy to achieve their full potential, they provide all necessary resources required including one on one attention. The goal behind this academy has always been to provide young aspiring players with all that they need for constant improvement and growth in their skills.

Academy is a well-organized, environmentally conscious sports complex that has everything needed for training and competition like 12 practice turfs equipped with floodlights, multiple playing pitches (ICC & BCCI trained coaches), and Bermuda grass fields covered by intelligent water harvesting systems.

Jaipuria cricket academy Fee for coaching is approx Rs. 30000 per year.


Sonnet Cricket Club, Delhi

Sonnet Cricket Club is one of the best and oldest cricket academies in India. It was founded in 1969 by a former Delhi Ranji Trophy player.

The club is based in Delhi and has produced many great cricket players over the years including Virender Sehwag, Ashish Nehra, Rishabh Pant, and many more.

The facilities at this academy are good. You will get all the support you need to become an international player, from specialized counselling and mentoring for nonperforming players to exposure in various tournaments or matches.

The coaching staff Train students in small groups so they can give individual attention to every aspect of their game that needs improvement. They offer their expertise through interactive technical sessions with budding talents

You can pay a monthly coaching fee of Rs. 3000, to get yourself trained to be a cricketer.


National School of Cricket, Dehradun

The National Cricket Academy in Dehradun is a joint venture between Abhimanyu cricket academy and Asian School. It provides top-notch coaching through experienced coaches, with modern techniques to help talented players grow as they progress on their journey towards becoming successful cricketers.

The facilities here give the opportunity not only for development but also exposure so that all sorts of talent can shine bright while coaching.

The National Cricket Academy has a curriculum that not only teaches youngsters how to play cricket but also provides them with an education. The academy offers training programs for all levels and ages so students can study and can get coaching for their cricket aspirations.

Academy has 8 coaches and there is 1 coach for every 8-10 students. The Academy has very good infrastructure and facilities for training from high-speed bowling machines to floodlight facilities, automated rollers, with updated sports equipment. Indoor hall with 3 pitches as well for coaching through bad weather.

As this academy has a boarding school as well, so fee includes school fees & boarding fees as well. For specialized coaching, you need to pay Rs. 5000 per day for boarding & lodging.


Mulund Gymkhana Cricket Academy, Mumbai

Mulund Gymkhana cricket academy is also a good cricket academy in Mumbai which was established in 1983.

They have experienced coaches and an air-conditioned gym with spa amenities. Academy has the best training facilities for players such as synthetic turf wickets, and cement pitches.

Academy also has video analyst monitors which provide many benefits to the player. Whether you are batting or bowling, this service will help in analyzing every move of yours.

The academy has an affordable fee structure where anyone can join without worries about their financial situation which also ensures quality coaching programs through summer camps organized between June and September.

To get coaching in this academy you need to pay approx Rs. 8000 for 8 months (Oct to May).


Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy, Karnataka

Karnataka Youth Cricket Academy is one of the good academies in Bangalore. The owner of the academy Mr. Ranjit ensures that all aspects from physical fitness to match exposure are taken care of by his dedicated team members and well-trained coaches.

Academy has all the required facilities like net, turf wickets, and bowling machines at a very affordable fee of Rs. 24000 per year.


St. Johns Cricket Academy, Hyderabad

St. Johns cricket academy is one of the popular cricket academies in Hyderabad which was established in 1987.

It is one of the oldest cricket academies in Hyderabad. The academy has produced many International, national, Ranji & State cricketers of exceptional skill, such as the likes VVS Laxman who played for India across all formats in both test match cricket(Indian Team)and limited-overs matches.

Academy has very good facilities for aspiring cricketers like 7 AstroTurf, 3 turf wickets, and 2 matting pitches.

They also have one cement playing field which is specially designed for children to play on so that they can have a safe experience while practising their skills without any worries of getting hurt during matches.

The fees of this academy are also very affordable. If you want to pay monthly then the fee is Rs, 1700, if you are below 14 years of age or 2200 if you are above 14 years.


Gen Next Cricket Institute, Chennai

Gen Next cricket institute was founded in 2012 by Shri N Ravichandran and mentored entirely by Mr. R Ashwin (Indian Cricketer).

They provide professional training for aspiring players on how to become a successful cricketer using both conventional methods as well contemporary methods. Professionally accredited & experienced coaches help aspiring cricketers to bring their best performance.

Students aged above 6 years can join this academy. It has all the required facilities to train them at their best.


Jaipur Cricket Academy, Jaipur

Jaipur cricket academy was established by Mr. Shamsher Singh in 2010 with a vision to provide the best facilities and training to aspiring cricketers in Jaipur. The academy has a team of experienced coaches.

Mr. Devendra Pal Singh is the head coach & Mohammad Habib is the additional coach in this academy who helps students to get the best training & advice. Academy has good facilities & environment to nurture aspiring cricketers.


What are the benefits of attending a cricket academy?

  • You can learn from the best coaches: The coaches at cricket academies are usually former cricketers or people with vast experience in the game. This means that they know exactly what it takes to be a successful cricketer and can pass on this valuable knowledge to their students.
  • You will get access to better facilities: Cricket academies have state-of-the-art facilities that provide aspiring cricketers with the perfect environment to hone their skills. From astroturf nets to world-class pitches, you will have everything you need to take your game to the next level.
  • You will be surrounded by like-minded people: When you attend a cricket academy, you will be surrounded by people who share your passion for the game. This is a great motivation to work hard and achieve your goals.
  • You will get the opportunity to compete: Cricket academies often organise competitions and tournaments that give aspiring cricketers the chance to showcase their skills. This is a great way to test yourself against the best in the business and see where you stand.
  • You will get exposure: Cricket academies often invite guest coaches and players from other academies to conduct workshops and training sessions. This is a great way to network and learn from the best in the business.


Final Words

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, and aspiring cricketers can learn how to become successful at cricket by attending a cricket academy. Cricket academies provide aspiring cricketers with the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches, get access to world-class facilities, and compete against the best in the business. If you are serious about becoming a successful cricketer, then attending a cricket academy is a great way to get started.