How to join NCC after class 10th

How to join NCC after class 10th

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a great  platform for the youth to serve the country. Along with responsibility, it also promotes entire personality development.

In order to develop qualities like discipline, commitment, dedication, adventure training and social welfare among the cadets, NCC organizes numerous activities and helps in nation-building.

A lots of youngsters in India are dealing with questions like How to Join NCC? How to join NCC after 10th? How to join NCC without college? or other questions related to NCC. If you are also wondering about the same questions then this post will definitely help you.

In this post we will discuss How to join NCC after 10th and it’s process in detail.


What is NCC?

Before we proceed and know How to join NCC after 10th, you should know about NCC first, that What is NCC? Definition of NCC? What is the full form of NCC?

In short, the National Cadet Corps  or NCC in short is the youth development organization of the Armed Forces of India which was formed in 1948. Its headquarters is located in New Delhi.

NCC is a tri-services organisation which contains the Indian Army, Navy & Air force training programs that is dedicated to provide a platform to the youth wing of the country to become more disciplined and patriotic citizens and stand out from the crowd of all those ordinary people.

The NCC is a voluntary organization that welcomes cadets from schools, colleges and universities all over the country.

The eligible cadet is provided basic military  training during their stay at NCC which helps them to proceed further to serve in the military.


Some Of The Basic Details Of NCC Is Given Below

Name of the unit National Cadet Corps (NCC)
Active from 15th July 1948 to present
Type Defence
Eligibility Citizen of India
Motto of the unit “Unity and Discipline”/ “एकता और अनुशासन”
Allegiances Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force
Role of the unit Student Uniformed Group
Size of the unit 13 lakhs – 15 lakhs students
Starting Salary Offered INR 10,000 – INR 20,000
Current Director General Lt. Gen. Gurbirpal Singh
Official website
Employment opportunities SSC in the army, Border security force (BSF), Reliance Security, Central Industrial Security Force,  air force, Indian Navy Force and so on.


Eligibility Criteria To Join NCC After 10th

The candidates applying for National Cadet Corps (NCC) must be a citizen of India or from Nepal.

The candidate should have a highly moral and ethical character.

Before applying for NCC, the candidate must be enrolled in any respective educational institution as that institution will provide the membership.

To apply for the NCC course, the applicant must meet the medical standards and requirements prescribed by the institution.

After applying, candidates have to clear a physical examination that is conducted by the institution to get eligible for the course.

The NCC course is provided to both junior as well as senior wings candidates. All the students from 9th to 12th standards are eligible to join NCC  in junior wings, and students after completing their 12th can join NCC in senior wings.


Age Requirement

Both male and female can apply for the  NCC course.

  1. Age requirement for Junior Wing/Division (Girls/Boys) – 12 years of age to 18½ years of age can apply
  • Female candidates join the Junior wing.
  • Male candidates join the Junior division.
  1. Age requirement for Senior Wing/Division (Girls/Boys) – Upto 26 years of age
  • Female candidates join the Senior wing.
  • Male candidates join the Senior division.

Enrolment Period

  • For Junior Division group – 2 years
  • For Senior Division group – 3 years


Course Duration For NCC

The NCC course provides you three types of certificates that require 5 years to complete this course. These 3 certificates are based on  the level of the training and represented as A, B and C.

Let’s have a look at these 3 certificates provided by NCC.

  • Certificate ‘A’ – NCC ‘A’ certificate is given at school level when students are in 9th and 10th standard and they complete the first level of training. The time period of this training after which students get an ‘A’ Certificate is 2 years.
  • Certificate ‘B’ – NCC ‘B’ certificate is given to all the candidates of senior wings who have completed their 2 years of training. For senior wings a minimum of 75% attendance is required in NCC training.
  • Certificate ‘C’ – NCC ‘C’ certificate is the highest level certificate provided to the credits in their 3rd year of training after attending 2 national training courses and getting B certificate .


How To Apply For NCC After 10th?

We have discussed all the basic details about the NCC and certainly you would like to join  this course. The application procedure of NCC is different for both Junior division/wing and Senior division/wing.

In this section, we will discuss in detail How to join NCC after 10th.


For Junior Division/Wing

  • The students wishing to be admitted into the junior division must submit an application to The Commanding Officer or Headmaster/ Principal of the school providing that unit.
  • The form submitted there must be in a certain format.
  • Remember that the Principal to whom the application has been submitted will make the candidate to fill up and sign a statement written there in the form in his presence only.
  • If the form submitted threre is accepted by the headmaster then the applicant needs to sign a declaration given in Form II and their parents or guardian will also have to there.
  • Finally, if the headmaster is satisfied regarding the suitability of the applicant and his parents or guardian consent to the conditions of service, he shall sign that form and the applicant will be considered to have been enrolled in the unit.

For Senior Division/ Wing

  • The candidates who are wishing to be apply in the Senior Division should apply to that particular Officer commanding the unit.
  • The officer to whom the application has been submitted will allow the applicant fill up and sign a statement in  given Form I in his presence only.
  • If the application form is accepted by the Commanding Officer then the applicant is required to needed sign a declaration in Form I and will be considered for enrolment in the Senior Division/ Wing of the unit.
  • In case the candidate applying is a minor, their parents will sign the declaration form.


Application For Enrollment For Not Enlisted NCC Sub-Units

Those students can also enroll in NCC who are from such educational institutions that are not enlisted as NCC sub-units.

In this condition of ‘Open Category’, the applicant needs to take a step ahead and reach out to the Commanding Officer of the nearest NCC Unit for further guidance.

The students will be thus able to get NCC training from the institute that is already a NCC sub-units.

The students are required to meet the following conditions first:

  • The educational institution should not have NCC in which the applicant is currently studying.
  • The educational institution providing training to the students must be placed under an NCC unit that has been declared by the Competent Authority as an “Open Unit”.


NCC: Documents Verification

After submission of the application form the verification process of documents begins.

The verification will be carried out  by the reputed Commanding Officer or the Principal to whom you have submitted the application form for consideration.

At the time of the verification process, the Commanding Officer of the unit or the Principal will decide the eligibility of the applicant if he/she fulfils all the needed eligibility criteria for being enrolled in that NCC unit.


NCC: Medical Exam

In case the Commanding Officer of that unit or the Headmaster is totally satisfied with the application after complete verification that the applicant effectuate all the conditions required for being enrolled in the unit then he will send the candidate for the next level that is medical examination.

It is mandatory for an applicant to be declared medically fit by the Special Medical Board in order to join NCC. Not a single candidate is allowed to join the unit if they are not medically fit for service in the NCC.

The Commanding Officer of that unit or the Headmaster will dismiss the application if the applicant is reported to be medically unhealthy for National Cadet Corps (NCC) and inform the applicant about this.


Online Registration For NCC

If you want to apply online for NCC, then follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all visit the official website of Indian Army that is
  2. Then click on the Register
  3. You are required to fill-up all the necessary details carefully and then click on the Submit
  4. After that you will get your OTP number on your given mobile number.
  5. Following all these steps, you will soon get a confirmation on your number that you have successfully registered for the NCC online and then you are ready to proceed with the further process that we have discussed already.


Benefits Of Joining NCC

Some of the major benefits of Joining the National Cadet Corps (NCC) are discussed below:

  • The non-defense benefits provided to the cadets are Scholarships, Reservations in Education, Incentives, Preferences in Security Agency, etc.
  • If we talk about Defence benefits then the NCC Cadets (both male and female) having the C-Certificate can easily join the Defense Forces as a Commission Officer without qualifying for the entrance exam. They are eligible to appear directly for the SSB Interview.
  • Along with that a cadet having a C-Certificate  does not need to give the Common Entrance Exam(CEE). The cadets will also get some extra marks in sailors, airmen or paramilitary forces on the basis of their certificate type.
  • A cadet having C-Certificate has an opportunity to become an Officer as well as Civilian Gliding Instructor too and the girl cadet as lady officer as well.
  • Despite the military benefits of NCC, it also provides you with personality development, discipline, leadership qualities, secular outlook, living your life for the sake of the nation & the feeling of contribution towards the nation as well as society.


Frequently Asked Questions related to NCC

  • What are the learning aspects of NCC?

Ans: During the training of NCC you will be exposed to many things like arms training, physical activities, team spirit, discipline, drilling, visits and tours in remote areas, ethics, following rules and orders, Civil Affairs, role of NCC during Natural Hazards, sports and many more.

  • What is the Motto of NCC?

Ans: The motto of National Cadet Corps (NCC) is ‘UNITY AND DISCIPLINE’.

  • What is the total duration of the NCC course?

Ans: The NCC course took approximately 3-5 years to complete.

  • How much salary do I get from NCC initially ?

Ans: The salary offered to you in the starting is INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 and it will increase according to your post, working period and eligibility.

  • What are the fee criteria for NCC training?

Ans: There is no requirement for any fee for NCC training because NCC is a Government organization.  However, some schools and colleges may ask NCC cadets to pay for parade, Annual Training Camp, or many other charges.

  • What is the age limit to join NCC?

Ans: The minimum age of the candidate that is required to join NCC is 13 years and the maximum age is 26 years to join NCC.

  • Is it true that the NCC cadets exposed to work in Natural disasters & calamities?

Ans: Yes it is true, but only after the permission of their parents.

  • What kind of activities are undertaken in NCC?

Ans: Some of the activities that are undertaken in NCC are listed below:

  • Camp Training
  • Institutional Training
  • Weapon Training
  • Career Counselling and Personality Development
  • Adventure Training and Obstacle
  • Naval wing Traning
  • Drilling and similar work
  • Attachment Training (Service Unit)
  • Air wing Training
  • Remount & Veterinary Unit Training.
  • Conduct of Certificate Examinations.
  • Conduct of Republic Day Camp
  • Social Service and Community Development Activities.


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