IP Subject

IP Subject

Informatics Practices or IP is one of the essential subjects for CBSE students. This course helps in letting the students know about computer concepts, like programming, data management, data handling, etc.

Informatics Practices (IP) is an interesting subject that makes you understand different computer-related topics. Many users are choosing IP instead of Mathematics in their CBSE 11th Standard.

To know more about this Informatics Practices or IP subject, this article will help you a lot.


Explain IP Subject?

Informatics Practices or IP is a course that introduces computer terminologies and operation handling to the students. You can study this IP subject in both CBSE 11th and 12th standards.

Want to know the major goals of this IP course? Then go through the below reasons.

  • It allows the students to understand the development process of a software or application.
  • Empowers you in knowing the programming skills in front-end application development.
  • Open source and Open standard concepts
  • With the help of a graphical user interface, it will let you know the designing, programming, and developing the database-based web apps.
  • You can get to know the database creation and querying using ANSI SQL.


Why do we choose Informatics Practices?

If you want to become a software engineer or pursue Engineering after completing your Class 12, choosing the IP Subject is the best option.

Though it finds difficult in starting, you will get habituated to the computer terminologies while attending the classes of IP. It improves your coding or programming skills.

Moreover, the Informatics Practices also focus on logical thinking. If you want to study Computer Science Engineering or Information Technology in your B.Tech degree, the knowledge you gain in IP subject will help while developing programs.

By getting expertise in Computer Programming, you can join as a Software Developer or Software Engineer in top MNCs after pursuing your B.Tech or B.E.


Scope of IP Subject

Since the IP Subject is not a bad choice, there are a lot of opportunities in the future. We are using technology everywhere in order to develop devices.

This 21st century is regarded as the technological revolution. So, if start knowing about the computer, programming, and others, at the beginning itself, you can pursue your higher studies without any difficulties.

If you become a master in all the concepts of IP subject, you will get job offers easily after completing your B.Tech in CSE or IT. Apart from that, you can also enter into teaching field and become a good teacher after pursuing your higher studies.


Tips to Score Good Marks in Informatics Practices

If you want to study perfectly, then the following tips will help you a lot.

  • Attend the classes daily and don’t miss any unit of Informatics Practices (IP) subject.
  • While theory classes are going on, you have to note down the important points.
  • Practices the questions well that are related to functions. Better to know how the functions work so that you can include them correctly while writing the programs.
  • Also, prepare DBMS (Database Management Systems) concepts.
  • Try creating your own HTML pages so that you will become a master in HTML concepts.


How to Score More Marks in IP Subject?

In order to get good marks in IP Subject, you need to follow the below rules.

  • Once the question paper is on your hands, spend at least 15 minutes reading the questions thoroughly.
  • Choose the questions that are very confident and prepare the overview of all those questions to not miss any details.
  • Follow a specific pattern and give a clear explanation of the question.
  • Provide heading wherever required and highlight the important points to let allow your teacher to focus on the highlighted ones.
  • Wherever required, you have to explain it with the perfect example.


Distribution of Marks

If you know better about the distribution of marks, you can prepare for the units of Informatics Practice subject. According to our information, the marks for IP Subject in Class 11th will be distributed as given below.

  • Programming and Computational Thinking -> 30 Marks
  • Data Handling-1 -> 20 Marks
  • Society, Law, and Ethics-1 -> 10 Marks
  • Data Management-1 -> 10 Marks
  • Practicals -> 30

Totally (theory and practicals), the marks allocated for Informatics Practices are 100 Marks.

Same as Class 11th, the marks for IP subject in Class 12th are given below.

  • Data Handling-2 -> 30 Marks
  • Basic Software Engineering -> 15 Marks
  • Data Management-2 -> 15 Marks
  • Society, Law, and Ethics-2 -> 10 Marks
  • Practicals-> 30 Marks


Units in Informatics Practices

Want to know the syllabus of Informatics Practices subject? Then you can get those details in this section. IP covers different concepts related to the computer, programming, and data handling & management. That is the reason why it is divided into different units.

The following are the units of IP subject in Class 11th,

Unit 1: Programming and Computational Thinking

Unit 2: Data Handling (DH-1)

Unit 3: Data Management (DM-1)

Unit 4: Society, Law, and Ethics (SLE-1) – Cyber Safety


  • Programming in Python
  • Data Management: SQL Commands
  • Data Handling

In Class 12th, the units of Informatics Practices are listed below.

Unit 1: Data Handling (DH-2)

Unit 2: Basic Software Engineering (BSE)

Unit 3: Data Management (DM-2)

Unit 4: Society, Law, and Ethics (SLE-2)


  • Data Management: SQL+web-server
  • Data Handling using Python libraries
  • Basic Software Engineering


  • With a group of 2 to 3 students, you have to develop the project. The duration of the project is six months.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is IP Better Than Maths?

IP and Maths are completely different subjects and can’t be comparable. Both of these subjects have their importance. But if you ask us, then selecting IP subject is the best choice than Maths if you want to become a Software Engineer in future.

  • Is IP Tough Subject?

Informatics Practices or IP is one of the easiest subjects in Class 11th and Class 12th. If you are much interested in programming and computer concepts, then IP Subject is not tough for you. Moreover, scoring more than 90% marks is not yet tough if you prepare well for the exams.

  • Is IP a Main Subject?

From 2020-21 onwards, Informatics Practices or IP Subject is made as a compulsory or main subject for those who are pursuing CBSE Class 12th Science.


Final Words: Conclusion

We hope that we have explained clearly about the Informatics Practices subject in this post. It will help you in setting your career on the right path.

Through this article, you can get to know whether your programming and computer-related skills are strong or not. Also, you can improve yourself by studying the IP subject effectively and systematically.

Prepare each and every unit of IP subject in both Class 11 and Class 12 so that you’ll not face any troubles while pursuing your B.Tech in Computer Science.

If you still have any doubts on this Informatics Practices subject, feel free to contact us. You can send your queries through the comment box.

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