MBA after BDS

MBA after BDS

MBA after BDS in today’s time is considered as one of the popular courses to pursue after completion of BDS. Students who want to have a specialization and scope in healthcare management mostly opt of doing MBS after completion of BDS instead of MDS program.

MBA provides the benefit of understanding the nuances of the ethics of the business in the healthcare sector and the expansion of services in all horizons accordingly. The BDS graduates can opt for their own dental practice or pursue MBA its their own choice.

This article provides the details of the benefits and process of taking admission in to MBA after BDS.


 Key Insights: MBA after BDS

As mentioned earlier, it is still questionable that is it possible to if it is possible to pursue MBA after BDS. The answer to the question is yes, for enrolling in an MBA and BDS degree is equivalent like any other bachelor’s degree.

MBA is a post-graduate program that has a wide range of specialized management subjects including finance, marketing, international business, healthcare, supply chain and logistics etc. The basic eligibility criteria to pursue an MBA degree are completion of graduation having aggregate marks of 50% from a recognized university.

However, the criteria and prerequisites change when considering the undergraduate degree in dental science. It is to be noted that the requirement of admission may differ from college to college or university to university as the process is clearly based on the expectation of the university.

Some of the standard eligibility criteria provided by the University Grant Commission for admission into MBA after BDS are provided below;

  • The basic requirement to enroll into an MBA program is that the candidate must have completed his or her bachelor’s degree in any stream with aggregate marks of 50% from a recognized university.
  • For admission of BDS candidates into MBA admissions, they must have passed BDS examination from by recognized university such as IMA or MCI, recognized medical associations.
  • Apart from that, the candidate has to appear in some entrance examinations. Some of the examples of entrance examinations are GMAT, CAT, XMAT which are prominent examinations conducted in order to get admission into MBA program.
  • After successfully clearing the entrance examinations. The candidates have to appear for group discussion followed by a personal interview to secure a seat into MBA program at the chosen university or college by the candidate.
  • Similarly, Like any other post-graduation course, MBA can also be pursued in foreign countries. In such cases, the eligibility criteria and prerequisites may differ than the Indian Universities offering MBA programs.
  • In order to get admission into a foreign university for MBA program, the candidate must clear the GMAT examination along with a good score in English proficiency test IELTS. In case a candidate wants an admission in non-English speaking country, they he or she has to get certified of a language proficiency for that specific country’s language.


Scope of doing an MBA after BDS

The following are some of the scopes after doing an MBA after BDS;

  • Firstly, pursuing MBA after BDS will help the aspiring students to get ample of employment opportunities not only in India but also in foreign countries or abroad.
  • Secondly, The MBA program provides a detailed analysis of self-sustainability and market functionality from a general perspective.


How Pursuing MBA Program after BDS is beneficial to the Student?

The medical career of a candidate will go fast track after pursuing an MBA after BDS in the field of health, management and hospital administration.

The recognition of a BDS student will not become limited to just a dentist as the MBA program will provide the scope to work in hospitals in a more effective way with the knowledge and implementation of business administration.

Now, the important question is what happens if a BDS candidate wants to practice in dentistry but still interest to pursue MBA. In such cases, there are two options available. The details whereof are furnished below;

  • Distance Learning
  • On-site Learning

Distance Learning for MBA after BDS

These days distance learning is one of the simplest ways to get a degree without quitting the current work that someone is engaged. Likewise, the BDS graduate can also pursue MBA program in distance learning mode.

To get admission into a distance MBA program, the eligibility criteria remains the same as that of the regular MBA program, the details of which are explained above. However, the entrance examination may or may not be compulsory depending on the universities or colleges that the candidate has applied for.

The following are some of the top colleges in India which are providing MBA distance learning program after completion of BDS;

  • SRM University
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Institute of Management Technology (IMT)
  • Symbiosis Centre Of Distance Learning
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
  • Lovely Professional University, etc.

In the case of distance learning, the candidate will get flexible hours to study and practice the core subjects and pursue MBA in leisure time.

 On-site Learning for MBA after BDS

For those students who can pursue a full-time MBA and are passionate about the subject area and want to gain experience in the relevant sector of study. The campus study helps the students to broaden their networks and offers ample campus opportunities conducted by the college or university.

It is to be noted that the campus learning helps to nourish the young minds so that they can see greater heights in their career and also contributes towards building a foundation of their dreams ensuring fair practices and ideas in the future.

Some of the top universities which offer on-site or full-time MBA programs after BDS are mentioned below;

  • FMS, New Delhi
  • XIM, Bhubaneswar
  • IMIT, Ghaziabad
  • IIT, Mumbai
  • SPJIMR, Mumbai
  • JBIMS, Mumbai
  • MDI, Gurugram
  • IMI, New Delhi
  • IIT, New Delhi


Is it Possible to get admission into IIM for MBA after BDS?

IIMs are one of the well-known business educational institutes or business schools in India to which every MBA aspirant wants to get admission.

To getting admission into MBA at IIMs does not mean any less of the candidate’s caliber and aptitude as most of the colleges and educational institutes in India are ranked at par as that of the IIM colleges.

However, getting into one the IIMs will be a great achievement for a student as the candidate will have a slight benefit due to the familiarity of the subject.

Most of the students who want to pursue MBA after BDS may not aware of the fact that there is a limited IIMs that accepts the score of Graduate Record Examination (GRE)  for admission into MBA program offered by them.

Some of the top colleges in India accepting the score of GRE for pursuing MBA after BDS are listed below;

  • Global School of Management
  • Amrita School of Business
  • Women School of Business.
  • JECRC University
  • Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore
  • Industrial Model Township (IMT)
  • Indian School of Business (ISB)
  • IIKM Business School

As mentioned earlier,  the score of CAT entrance examination is widely accepted by colleges for admission into MBA program but it is not the only entrance examination to get admission into MBA program.

Thus, the conclusion here is IIM is not the only best university to pursue MBA after BDS as there are a lot of colleges that are at par with IIMs.


Is it Good to Pursue MBA after BDS?

There is always a debate on social media that why pursue MBA after BDS.  It is to be noted that the combination of MBA and BDS may not seem a great choice after graduating in dental sciences. However, there is more scope for pursuing MBA as compared to pursuing MDS.

Some of the advantages of pursuing MBA after BDS are mentioned below;

  • MBA after BDS offers ample of employment as well as career choices combining management and healthcare. The opportunities for this combination will be exciting and quite unique.
  • The scope for BDS graduates to understand the structure of business which can help them in running their own dental practice in hospitals and clinics. Other than that, it may open doors for the expansion of their businesses.
  • Further, there are a large number of job openings available in the fields of healthcare management and health administration. This can be termed as the increasing demand of dental and healthcare services in India.
  • MBA program offers the knowledge of business development that can help BDS candidates work on the expansion of their services and enhance their career scopes.
  •  As that of BDS, MBA helps to get good pay in the starting level of the career. The current market demand for MBAs after BDS have increased and also earning potential is also quite similar as that of pursuing MDS after BDS.


Best MBA Courses after BDS

There are a series of specialization subjects available under the MBA healthcare studies which can suit the demands and needs of the market. The BDS graduate has select from a pool of specializations ranging from simple management courses to healthcare management courses.

Some of the popular specialization subjects for MBA after BDS are mentioned below;

  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  • MBA in Healthcare Management Systems
  • MBA in Public Health Management
  • MBA in Hospital Administration
  • MBA in Hospital Management


MBA in Hospital Management

MBA in Hospital Management is considered one of the popular specializations among the students.

When a BDS graduate takes up this specialization in Hospital management then, he or she will get an understanding of the functioning of the healthcare institutions in terms of managerial perspective.

The MBA in Hospital Management provides the basic understanding of hospital administration starting from registration of patients to management of facilities provided to them.

The eligibility criteria to get specialization in hospital management for MBA admission are the same as that of the other specialization subjects in MBA program.

MBA in Hospital Administration

Like, Hospital management, MBA in Hospital Administration is also one of the prominent specialized subject domains that helps the students to understand the health and medical administrations services.

The coursework of MBA Hospital Administration includes subjects like corporate communications, patient care system, health economics, etc.

The eligibility criteria to get specialization in hospital management for MBA admission are the same as that of the other specialization subjects in MBA program.

MBA in Healthcare Management

Again, MBA in Healthcare Administration is also one of the demanding specialized courses in the management field.

This specialization helps to obtain knowledge on various management aspects that can be useful for the development and supervision of healthcare management.

Some of the subjects included in healthcare management specialization are Quality Management, Clinical Pharmacy, Medical-Legal systems, etc.

 MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is also a specialized subject focused on pharma management.

It helps the BDS graduates to get to know the details of the manufacturing of the medicine and drugs industry.


FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Question 1: Is it possible to pursue MBA after BDS?

Answer: Yes, It is possible to pursue MBA after BDS.

  • Question 2: Is IIM the only institute to look forward to for admission into MBA after BDS?

Answer: The answer is No. As mentioned above, most of the universities in India are at par with the IIMs in terms of reputation and quality of education. The only thing that needs to be considered is the enthusiasm and consistency toward the student’s own work.

  • Question 3: What is the scope of MBA after BDS?

Answer: There are ample of opportunities available after successful completion of MBA after BDS. A candidate can become a key player in health management and hospital administration.

  • Question 4: Do MBA programs are beneficial to commerce and business management graduates?

Answer: No, it is not. MBA program can be pursued by a graduate in any stream who wants to expand his or her horizons in their career.

  • Question 5: What are the benefits of MBA after BDS?

Answer: Being hospital administration one of the specialized subjects in MBA, it offers the BDS candidate an added advantage in the core subjects.