MBA After MTech

MBA After MTech

MBA after M.Tech can be considered as a great option for M.Tech graduates. The complete form of MBA is Master of Business Administration which is a 2 years academic course, recognized and portable internationally having a vast and wide range of management-related subjects.

Generally, MBA is pursued after an undergraduate program of any stream. However, there may be some cases postgraduates can also opt for MBA to sharpen their knowledge.

In this article, the details of MBA after M.Tech has been analyzed and explored with relevant details including eligibility criteria, course fee, subject area, admission process, etc.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue MBA after M.Tech

Each educational institution and the university has its own separate stream exclusively designed for management studies. Most of the universities, colleges, and educational institutions offer MBA programs to students with minimum essential eligibility criteria.

The basic eligibility criteria for an MBA program is to graduate in any stream whether it may be, B.Sc or BA. However, the MBA program can also be pursued after completion of post-graduation in order to gain and sharpen management skills.

The following are some of the eligibility criteria to pursue MBA after M.Tech;

  • To become eligible to get admission into MBA degree program, a candidate must have completed at least an undergraduate degree from a recognized university in any stream with a average aggregate scoring marks of 50%.
  • Apart from that, the candidate can also appear in some common entrance exams such as CAT and MAT with a valid score to get admission into top universities.
  • Some of the other entrance examinations to get admission in MBA program are SNAP, ATMA, NMAT, XAT, GMAT and CMAT.
  • In case a candidate is aspired to get admission of MBA program in foreign universities, then it is compulsory to get good score in GMAT along with the TOEFL and IELTS.


MBA Specializations after M.Tech

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of specializations in MBA programs after M.Tech for the candidate to choose or select based on his or her area of interest and scope. Some of the best specializations that an aspiring candidate can choose after completion of M.Tech program have been provided below;

  • MBA in Material Management
  • MBA in Media Management
  • MBA in Data Analytics
  • MBA in Interior Designing
  • MBA in Airport Management
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Information Technology
  • MBA in Aviation Management
  • MBA in Agribusiness
  • MBA in Power Management
  • MBA in Product Management
  • MBA in Agriculture
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Energy Management
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in HR Management
  • MBA Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
  • MBA in Communication


Is it a Good Idea to do MBA after M.Tech?

If a candidate wants to enhance his or her business and managerial skills and also technical knowledge, in that case pursuing MBA after M.Tech is always a great choice. Apart from that, postgraduates can also take admission into MBA program after M.Tech. The details of advantages for pursuing MBA after M.Tech are mentioned below;

Gaining Expertise in the field of Management

MBA helps to train the candidates with all essential training needed for an effective and efficient management of business.

 Helps to Get Dual Specialization

Different industries always look forward to onboard candidates with high qualification as well as talent. Thus, the combination of both M.Tech and MBA with a relevant specialization is considered as the need of the competitive world.

Global opportunities

Specialization in both M.Tech and MBA will enhance the knowledge and skills which can also help to build the job profiles and also meeting the prospective demands of the international companies.

High Salary Range

Most top companies look forward to hiring candidates having high educational qualifications and accordingly offer huge salary packages.


Difference between MBA and M.Tech

Prior to taking admission into an MBA after M.Tech, it is important for the candidate to know the similarities and differences between these two programs M.Tech and MBA. A table containing the comparison between these two programs MBA and M.Tech is provided below;

Particulars MBA M.Tech
Complete Form Master of Business Administration Master of Technology
Eligibility Criteria BE, BBA, B.Tech,  or any other Bachelor’s Degree B.Tech, B.Sc, BE, B.Arch
Duration 2 Years 2 Years
Average Course Fee INR 3 – 10 Lakh per annum INR 72,000 – 4 Lakh per annum
Entrance Exams CAT, MAT, XAT GATE
Course Type Regular, Correspondence Regular, Executive, Correspondence
Average Salary INR 7- 10 lakh per annum INR 7 Lakh per annum
Employer Companies ICICI Bank, HDFC, Vodafone, Deloitte, PWC Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, Samsung



Scope of MBA after M.Tech

At the time of pursuing M.Tech program, the candidates not only get familiar with the subject but also become an expert in their subject specialization. Additionally, doing MBA with M.Tech program can help to enhance the subject knowledge, business as well as managerial skills.

The combination of expertise in subject and managerial skills can help to get numerous job opportunities and career options to the aspiring candidates. Top companies always look for the candidates having dual specialization in boom in the corporate world.

Also, this dual qualification makes a way for high paid job opportunities with leading corporations across the globe. MBA after M.Tech provides a way to attaining the goal in a shorter period of time.


Top Recruiters for Candidates Pursued MBA after M.Tech

As mentioned earlier, candidates with dual qualifications and specializations play an important role in the corporate world. Some of the most popular recruiters for candidates doing MBA after M.Tech is as follows;

  • Morgan Stanley
  • Bain & Company
  • Facebook
  • JP Morgan
  • AlixPartners
  • Microsoft
  • AT Kearney
  • Accenture Strategy
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Amazon
  • Cognizant
  • Deloitte


Average Salary for Candidates doing MBA after M.Tech

As mentioned earlier, the dual qualification MBA after M.Tech makes a way for high-paid job opportunities with leading corporations across the globe. MBA after M.Tech provides a way to attaining the goal in a shorter period of time.

Due to this, MBA is considered as one of the highest-paid programs not only in India but also across the globe. A table containing the details of the average salary package of an aspiring candidate completing MBA after M.Tech with different job profiles is provided below;

Job Profiles Average Salary Per Annum (in INR)
Marketing Manager 9.30 Lakh
Business Development Manager 7.91 Lakh
Human Resources (HR) Generalist 4.01 Lakh
Project Manager 13.33 Lakh
Senior Business Analyst 11.17 Lakh
Operations Manager 8.60 Lakh
Human Resources (HR) Manager 7.74 Lakh



Top Colleges in India to Pursue MBA after M.Tech

The demand for doing MBA after M.Tech has been increasing with the passage of time. Various educational institutes and universities have introduced various specializations in MBA considering standard and demand among the aspiring students.

Basing on the ranking and scope, the following are some of the top educational institutions and universities for pursuing MBA after M.Tech;

  • IIM Bangalore
  • IIM Indore
  • IIT Delhi
  • NIIE Mumbai
  • FMS Delhi
  • IIM Kozhikode
  • XLRI Jamshedpur
  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • IIM Calcutta
  • SIBM Pune


Top Foreign Universities to Pursue MBA after M.Tech

Not only in India the MBA program is also labeled as one of the prominent international degrees which provide a wider scope for the aspirant to follow their dreams in a foreign country as well. Some of the prominent foreign educational institutions or universities offering MBA after M.Tech courses are mentioned below;

  • Harvard University, United States of America (USA)
  • Stanford University, United States of America (USA)
  • MIT, United States of America (USA)
  • London Business School, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Kellogg School of Management, United States of America (USA)
  • Ross School of Business, United States of America (USA)
  • Haas School of Business, United States of America (USA)
  • INSEAD, France
  • HEC, France
  • IE Business School, Spain


Benefits of Doing MBA after M.Tech

MBA after M.Tech is always a great choice for candidates who want to enhance and gain technical and business skills in the IT industry. This will ultimately boost the career opportunities and also helps to get a higher salary range. Some of the high paying industries that can be explored after completing MBA after M.Tech are as follows;

  • Database Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Operational Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management
  •  IT Management
  • Business Analytics
  • IT Administration


Advantages of Pursuing an MBA after M.Tech

There are ample of reasons of why one should opt for taking admission into MBA after M.Tech. Some of the advantages of pursuing MBA after M.Tech are mentioned below:

  • The combination of an MBA and M.Tech is one of the lucrative, unique and desirable. When the aforesaid combination is assessed basing on the techno-management technology which is in demand in the economy across the globe.
  • Although, most of the course pursued are decided basing on the finance and earning aspects after completion of the course. The combination of both of these courses will ultimately enhance or increase the chances of better salary range and opportunities as well.
  • An MBA degree is largely holistic in nature and will also challenge a candidate to take up and learn proper skills and knowledge by shifting the duties and responsibilities of one’s career. As an individual moves forward in his or her profession, they become more administrative in nature. Ultimately, all these aspects revolve around managing projects and teams specifically.


Job Opportunities for MBA after M.Tech

One of the most important aspects while deciding to pursue the program is the relevant job opportunities available after its completion. There is a wide range of opportunities and scope that pursued MBA after M.Tech basing on the selected area of specialization.

A table containing the details of some of the important job opportunities available after pursuing MBA after M.Tech basing on the specialization is as follows;

Specialization Job Profiles
MBA in Marketing Brand Manager, Marketing Manager

Product Manager, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, Business Research Analyst, Sales Executive, Relationship Manager

MBA in Finance Accounting Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Finance Manager, Financial Manager/Analyst, Credit Analyst, Finance Director, Risk and Insurance Manager
MBA in Technology Chief Technology Officers, Technical Program Manager, Data Processing Manager, Senior Product Manager, Technical Product Manager, Business Development Manager, Information Systems Managers, Marketing Manager, System Manager,  Business Analyst, IT Manager/Consultant, Analytics Manager, Systems Analyst
MBA in Operations Project Managers, Logistics Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager


FAQs: MBA after M.Tech

  • Is it possible to pursue MBA after M.Tech?

Yes, it is possible to enroll into MBA after M.Tech and off course it will help to get lucrative job offers and enhanced educational career.

  • Is it possible M.Tech and MBA simultaneously?

No, it is not possible to do so. Both of these courses M.Tech and MBA are post graduate course. However MBA can be pursed after M.Tech.

  • Does the Salary Range of MBA is more than M.Tech?

There is no doubt that MBA is one of the most popular courses across the globe providing lucrative career opportunities. Yes, a MBA degree will fetch a candidate to earn more as compared to an M.Tech graduate. However, it is to be noted that MBA must be pursued from a reputed university.

  • What is the salary of a candidate after pursuing M.Tech?

Anyone can earn a decent package after completion of M.Tech degree program. An estimated salary of INR 3 lakh to INR 10 Lakh per annum can be fetched by an M.Tech candidate depending upon the experience.

  •   Is MBA better than M.Tech?

MBA will open doors for new heights in the field of management space. On the other hand, M.Tech will provide a means to develop into the technology world or space.  There will be ample of opportunities in terms of academic and research field as well as technical and development fields.

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