MSc Home Science

MSC Home Science

MSc home science is a course offered by the Master of Science. It is a total study of the development of home and life-changing living according to the changes taking place in society. It gives us knowledge about scientific techniques and methods.


MSC Home Science: About

MSc in home science is a postgraduate degree. It can be pursued in India after the completion of a relevant bachelor’s degree. MSc home science is a 2-year course. It completely covers all the aspects related to human resource management.

This course is mainly related to the study of principles, methods, and techniques through which the exports and professionals try to bring change in the society by changing and improving the lifestyle of an individual and a family. The major portion in the MSc home science is covered by these major topics;

  • Human development
  • Resource handling
  • Food science and servicing
  • Health and hygiene
  • Clothing and lifestyle
  • Communication techniques

This course also helps the student in learning about the latest methods and techniques that can be used and can help them in improving the lifestyle of the people and making their life better.


MSC Home Science: Must Know Facts

  • The Study of MSc home science mainly deals with all the aspects of human resource development, family management, and interior management, and also involves communication (verbal and written) techniques.
  • MSc home science widely covers the topics related to men and women, society, nutrition, improvement of lifestyles, development entrepreneurship, planning and management, understanding politics, and many more areas.
  • This topic also includes topics such as recruitment analysis, consumer behavior service delivery management, effective communication, etc.
  • It covers subjects from different and different fields. Starting right from communication to service delivery and recruitment, it covers all the relevant topics.
  • Keeping aside the regular management-related topics, MSc science also covers other topics like design and decoration, topics such as interior landscape design, ideas related to decorations, etc.
  • This helps one in covering many important topics which will have a great impact and multiple applications in various types of different fields.
  • Students after completion of this course can apply in multiple areas and will definitely get job opportunities in various multiple fields which can be related to marketing management services resource management etc. It can help you a lot and start your career in the field of health, hygiene, nutrition, etc.
  • This course also helps the candidates in studying the management related to the family also, which will be beneficial for them in their personal lives too.
  • This course will also prepare the candidates to be successful in social work also. Social works like handling or participating in NGOs or any other social entrepreneurship. This will fill their social responsibility also.


MSC Home Science: Eligibility Criteria

Those candidates who want to aspire To MSC home science must fulfill the following criteria;

  • The candidates are supposed to acquire a bachelor’s degree first. They should have a bachelor’s degree like be a become BBA from a very recognized institution in home science, nutritions, health and hygiene dietetics, biologies, microbiology, clinical biochemistry, sciences related to life naturopathy (BNYS), Ayurveda study (BAMS), or PD diploma in diabetics.
  • The candidates are required to score an aggregate percentage that is 45% in their particular graduation course whether it be BBA, Bcom, BMS or any other bachelor course.


MSC Home Science: Admission Procedure

MSc home science except for admissions by those candidates who have their bachelor’s degree and have acquired the minimum amount of percentage which are needed. Candidates and their qualification degree will decide their admissions in MSC home science. However, most of the institutes in India also offer MSc home science course acceptance of the admissions on the basis of the merits.

Institutes also take an institutional level test to come from the admissions in this course The eligible candidates can apply at the desert institute by filling in the application form. Those candidates, who appear in the test and pass it, can go-ahead for the admission procedure. Home science is a 2 years long postgraduate course, which is divided into 4 semesters.

  • Admissions to MSc home science are mostly done on the basis of their scores in the entrance exams.
  • These entrance exams are generally organized by the particular colleges or universities on their own.
  • The candidates can apply for the entrance exam online through a website that is made available by the college itself.
  • These exams are generally organized in the month of May – June, whether online or in offline mode.
  • After clearing the entrance exams the candidates are called for a personal interview round and after the interview, a document verification round is conducted.
  • Candidates are required to prove themselves by showing all the relevant documents which must state that they have their ability eligibility.
  • But some colleges and universities in India offer admission on the basis of their percentage score at their graduation level. University is like Mumbai University provides admissions to MSc Om signs on the basis of their percentage criteria.
  • The colleges will release a cut-off list along with the marks written and the list of successful candidates who have scored more than the cutoff marks of the college.
  • The candidates which have been successful in the above procedure will be called for the further procedure of document verification.

Some essential documents which are required to be submitted by the candidate during the document verification process are-

  • Birth certificate
  • Migration certificate
  • Marksheets and pass certificates
  • Passport Size photograph
  • Original ID proof


MSC Home Science: Fee Structure

The fee structure for the various types of MSc Home Science colleges or universities in India is beautiful based upon their institute type location, infrastructure faculties, and facilities available. Some of the top MSc in home science universities (government as well as private), and their average annual fees are provided below in a table;

Name of the College  Fees
BHU-Varanasi Banaras Hindu University 6.11 lakh
DU-Delhi University of Delhi Rs 10000- Rs 1.50
Aligarh Muslim University INR 8980
NIMS University, Jaipur 80K
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
Mumbai University
Calicut University


Major Entrance Exams

The MSc home science colleges and universities in India almost conduct entrance exams for the selection of the candidates. Some colleges all Universities may give admission on the basis of their merits and past grade sheets while some universities prefer admissions through entrance exams.

These exams are conducted by the colleges or universities themselves. These tests are conducted at the national and state level. Also, the students can appear for the exam at the appropriate time and select a particular college. Some of the popular entrance exams for MSc home science are written below-


BHU post-graduate entrance test is the most important entrance exam which is conducted by the Banaras Hindu University. The registration date of such exams is in the first week of May to the first week of June.


This entrance exam is the most common admission test which is conducted by Mahatma Gandhi University which is situated in Kottayam. This exam is conducted for the admissions to PG courses in almost all streams.


AMU entrance exam is held by the Aligarh Muslim University. It is a written examination for the admissions to UG and PG courses offered by the particular University. Generally, this exam is conducted in the month of May or June.


Preparation for Entrance Examinations

The entrance exams are generally conducted in online mode. These are written examinations that contain multiple-choice questions. But some colleges and universities take the exams offline and search for an exam that will have both MCQ and subjective questions but generally contain MCQs only.

  • In these exams questions, May come from different types of subjects but some subjects are common in almost all the exams. Some common subjects are English comprehension, logical reasoning, and questions related to general aptitude.
  • The question paper may contain questions related to current affairs and basic general knowledge questions.
  • The subject-wise section will generally contain questions from the topics which have been covered at the graduate level.
  • Candidates must try to complete the syllabus of these examinations at least one month before the given exam date so that they will get emperor of time for the revision.
  • Candidates must be thorough with the syllabus. Must try to cover all the important topics by solving the past year’s papers and the other sample papers.

A glance at the MSc home science entrance exams question paper pattern;

  1. The question paper has a total number of 120 questions which a candidate has to complete in the duration of 120 minutes.
  2. The mode of examination is a pen and paper-based test.
  3. The maximum number of marks that can be allotted to a candidate is a total of 360.
  4. The question paper contains only one section.
  5. The medium of such examination is Hindi or English.
  6. The important subjects which are included in the exams are physics, chemistry, biology, and economics.


MSC Home Science: Syllabus and Subjects

The MSc homes and scores syllabus is completely divided into two years with four semesters. This syllabus is formed and designed with the objective of creating awareness about health, hygiene, nutrition, and a safe environment for people. This pattern consists of both core and elective types of papers. Some of the core subjects in this course are named below-

  • Communication technology
  • Clinical and therapeutic nutrition
  • Maternal nutrition
  • Child Nutrition
  • Health and fitness
  • Advance studies related to human development


Skills That Can Make You a Best MSc Home Science Graduate

A good MSc home science graduate should acquire the best technical and problem-solving skills. An MSc home science graduate must know how to work in a team, how to handle pressure and must be able to bring innovative ideas depending upon his own creativity.

A few necessary skills for MSc home science graduates are complex problem-solving methods, good analytical skills, strong technical skills, team management and work, decision making, critical thinking, and relevant risk assessment skills.


Divisions of Home Science

Along with the study of home science, some universities and colleges also offer specialization in which students can expertise themselves. Some of them are listed below-

  • Nutrition, food, and healthcare
  • Food Management
  • Home management
  • Housing
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Child care
  • Improving human relationships
  • Family and resource Management
  • Nursing and first aid


Why choose MSc home science and what it is all about?

Home science is a science that studies matters which relate to the handling of the home, family members, and resource management. This science is totally related to ‘better living’. There are many different types of courses offered by home science by different universities and colleges.

Candidates can choose which they think will be the best according to their interests and skills. There lies a lot of opportunities after the completion of Home science and acquiring the degree. Job opportunities lie in various types of fields such as fashion, teaching, social work, development studies, dietetics, food management, resource management, and many more.

After graduation in home science, an individual can opt for self-employment also.

Benefits of choosing home science as a career option-

  • It is a systematic study that includes all the factual data, like the other branches of science.
  • Its laws and principles are worldwide applicable.
  • It helps the candidate in the progressive development of friends and their prevention of the different types of diseases and infections.
  • It helps the children in becoming a better citizens, and also looks after the aged persons. This fulfills social responsibility also.
  • It helps in enhancing the creative part of the home environment.


MSC Home Science: Career Options

The candidates after completion of the MSc home science course can get employed in the various types of fields which are related to food industries, fashion designing, welfare organizations, hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, nutrition centers, etc.

Career Options available after pursuing the home science degree are-

  • Service and tourism industry

The course in MSC home science offers many job opportunities in the fields related to the service and tourism industry such as travel industry, hotels, resorts, etc in which one can do the job of interior designing, cooking, food manager, catering agent, curse as well as any other Health care professional or expert.

  • Health Care Industry

The health care industry requires knowledge related to physical and mental health care. After completing the degree in Home science one can apply for the job in-home care industries also. Its healthcare centers appoint people who have specialized knowledge regarding healthcare and can give the best advice on the dietary requirements of different individuals suffering from different types of diseases or infections.

Creating knowledge regarding nutrition and physical education enables the home science graduates to start their own Health care center for those people who need some special nutrition knowledge and guidance for the proper fitness, balanced diets, appropriate exercises, and management of their weights and related conditions.

  • Teaching And research

After pursuing the degree of MSc homes and students also have the option of teaching at the secondary level for becoming a graduate level lecturer one must have to clear the exam of UGC NET after completing a master’s degree in home science.

  • Production Industry

In the production industry, there are different types of work opportunities such as manufacturing of Frozen food, food preservatives, cooking of food and other different types of food production activities that may require some home science experts.

Candidates who have completed their home science course can apply for food analyst job, quality analyst job, controllers job or any other quality manager in food preservation departments and food processing units.

  • Dietetics And Nutrition

We all know that dieticians’ demand is increasing rapidly in India. These professionals are concerned about the requirements of an individual and suggest to them, the proper diet schedule as per the human psychology, maintaining their calorie consumption, and other factors affecting their health.

  • Resource management

Resource management means managing the resources effectively, efficiently, and economically. Management also includes home management. These experts ensure clothing and textile the proper utilization of resources, use of labor effectively, and getting the work done with the minimum amount of money spent.

  • Clothing and textile industry:

Textile industries are counted in the most upgrading and successful industries in India, including the growth and main attention to fashion and fabric. The job opportunities in the clothing and textile industries are the construction of fabric, printing, dyeing, recognizing and assessing, selecting the appropriate fabric, and selection of products from dealers based on the suitability.


MSc Home Science Colleges Abroad

The following are some of the top colleges abroad offering MSc Home Science courses:

  • Cornell University
  • University of leads
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • University of Reading
  • Flinders University
  • City of Salford
  • University of Nottingham
  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of otago
  • Life University


MSc Home Science Colleges in India

The following are some of the top colleges in India offering MSc Home Science course;

  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Mumbai University
  • Calicut University
  • Kurukshetra University
  • Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar University
  • Gandhigram rural institute
  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • Lady Irwin College
  • Dayalbagh educational institute


MSc Home Science Distance Education

The past few years, Distance education has been one of the greatest options for those students who cannot attend college full time. And many of the universities and colleges offer a correspondence course of home science so that students can conveniently complete their degree. Some of the universities which offer the distance learning course are mentioned below;

  • Subharti University
  • Kalinga University
  • Jaipur National University
  • NMIMS University
  • MDU University
  • The global open University


Future Prospects after Completion of MSc Home Science

After the completion of an MSc home science degree, there are several types of other programs which can be done. One can pursue doctoral programs such as resource management, food service management, dietetics, family resource management, etc.

They can further apply for jobs related to food technologist, fashion designer, manager or researcher, fashion designer interior designer, and research scientist in different companies like Britannia limited, ITC limited madhura garments, and nestlé industries limited. Some of the higher studies which can be done after completion of the home science course are

  • Doctor of philosophy in home science
  • Doctor of philosophy in resource Management
  • Doctor of philosophy in food service Management and dietetics
  • Doctor of philosophy in science extension education
  • Doctor of philosophy in apparel and textiles industries
  • Food and nutrition professional
  • Courses related to Expertise in family management
  • Courses related to Expertise in childcare


MSC Home Science: Job Profiles

The list of job profiles after completion of in home science is written below-

  • Assistant dietitian

The Work of assistant dietitian is to take proper care of patient good health, preparing diet sheets as per the requirements of the patient body, coordinating with pantry, and solving the problems and focusing upon the difficulties in the treatment of the patient

  • Health educator

These professionals are considered in charge of educating the customers and household members, by taking proper care. They help in maintaining optimum health and providing the patient with proper home based appointments.

  • Medical coder

The medical coder has to examine the health and hygiene of a patient, and his medical history. After checking medically the medical coder must assign codes to diagnosis and the measures which have been achieved. These medical coders can also work for their personal practice, for the hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, nursing homes, etc.

  • Executive chef

These executive shares are made responsible for pantry and kitchen work. He is also in charge of updating the menu cards with nutritious dishes which may help individuals in improving their health and balancing their nutrition.

  • Product Executive

Product executives are responsible for conducting events and forming progressive policies, delivering value support and care, and providing some technical tools for life skills research.

  • Healthcare counselors

A Healthcare counselor is responsible for the maintenance of the health of the patients. They are required to guide them according to their health issues. These healthcare counselors are also responsible for maintaining and building relations, maintaining accurate data, providing telephonic treatment, attending the patients carefully, etc.


Course Comparison

Msc Home Science Vs MA Home Science

  • MSc home science refers to Master of Science in home science. Whereas MA home science refers to Master of Arts in home science.
  • The MSc home science covers all the parts of Home science it covers all the topics related to resource management it gives full emphasis on related Management and statistical subjects. Whereas MA in home science looks into the science in a more theoretical way and not like in a technical way. It mainly covers topics like communication skills, gender studies, nutrition, dispute management, food management etc.
  • MSc home science and ma home science both have a duration of total 2 years.
  • MSc home science admissions are mostly conducted on the basis of entrance examinations. In MA home science, admission procedure can be either entrance based or merit based.
  • Major recruitment after MSc science are mainly related to the areas including hotels, restaurants, customer service providers,gyms, community centers, Call centers, BPOs etc. Whereas after completion of MA home science course, students are mostly recruited in schools, educational institutes, customer care centers, Call centers, etc.
  • Average annual salary after the completion of these courses ( MSc home science and home science) will be approx INR 2,50000 to 350000.



As this course covers all the aspects related to the multiple areas, candidates after completing this course will get great job opportunities in multiple fields including marketing, Management, services, etc.

This course helps the student in good positions with their skills, and settling their career in the fields of Nutrition, women’s nutrition, and healthcare. This course also has multiple benefits like it also improves communication skills, and candidates pursuing this course will become effective communicators also.

This course will also help the candidates in getting success in the social entrepreneurship social works and NGOs which will definitely fulfill their social responsibility.


MSC Home Science: FAQs

  • Q.1: What is the duration for completion of MSc Home Science?

Answer: MSc home science is a 2-year course.

  • Q.2: What is MSc home science eligibility?

Answer: Those candidates who want to aspire to MSc home science must full fill the following minimum criteria

He must get a bachelor’s degree first. It can acquire such a degree from any recognized institution in home science nutrition dietetics food science biology microbiology clinical biochemistry life sciences naturopathy Ayurveda etc.

He must score a minimum aggregate percentage that is 45 percent at his graduation level.

  • Q.3: What entrance exams are required to clear before pursuing for admissions in MSc home science?

Answer: Some universities and colleges conduct entrance exams for the admissions of candidates some of the entrance exams are named as BHU-PET which is conducted by Banaras Hindu University for its admission procedure.

Another entrance exam is MGU-CAT which is organized by Mahatma Gandhi University situated in Kottayam for admission process in almost all streams lastly, AMU Entrance Exam is conducted by Aligarh Muslim University.

  •  Q.4: What is MSc Home Science is about?

Answer: This course mainly covers the topics related to society men women development entrepreneurship management politics and many more different areas. MSc home science mainly deals with every aspect of family management, communication methods and techniques, interior management and also covers issues related to nutrition and gender studies.

This course includes subjects from a wide range of different fields. This is a vast course and has multiple applications in different types of fields.

  • Q.5: What are the jobs available after completion of MSc Home Science?

Answer: Candidates pursuing MSc in home science can explore a range of sectors related to healthcare and community development to food science and hospitality Management. Some of the MSc home science jobs are food analyst, cook or chef, food scientist, worker of healthcare, an attendant in hospitals, a professional nutrition expert, community organizer, research assistant etc.

  • Q.6: How to apply for MSc Home Science?

Answer: The details related to MSc home science are properly available on the particular universities website for reference to the students. The students who are applying online can download the application form from the website and submit after fulfilling the details accordingly.

The students can also visit the college campus directly and collect the application form from there itself.

  • Q.7: Which are the subjects which are specifically covered in the MSc Home Science?

Answer: Few core subjects which are covered in this course are related to the following;

  • Communication technology
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Theorempetic nutrition
  • Child care and maternal nutrition
  • Nutrition for health and hygiene
  • Nutrition for fitness issues
  • Advance study of human development
  • Q.8: What are the preparation tips for MSc Home Science?

Answer: This course offers a promising career and those candidates who are actually interested should start the preparation well before time. Some basic preparation tips for the students who want to crack the entrance exams for the MSc home science course are written below;

  • Proper knowledge about the syllabus: The candidates pursuing the entrance exam are required to search and find the syllabus up to date and one month prior to the date of examination this will help the candidate to know about the topics which are mainly covered to prepare for the exams.
  • Know the pattern: Candidates must enquire about the pattern in which the question paper is going to be asked and the allotment of marks for each correct answer. Search detailed information related to the specific entrance exams are available on the internet on the website portal of the particular university.
  • Prepare a schedule and timetable: Once students get aware of the pattern and syllabus of the question paper they should further be advised to prepare a timetable according to their capability of studying so that they can secure high marks.
  • Solve mock test paper: With the help of timetables, the students must try to at least attend 10 mock test papers and then compare their original and correct answers. This will help them to know about their study level.